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Yoga at the Museum / following the exhibition Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body) (Hebrew)

Dalia Kraid — Yoga — The Art of Self Reflection | Yoga Class in the Gallery

Dalia Kraid is an advanced yoga teacher. Once a week, she will hold an open yoga lesson with an emphasis on calm and introspection — into breathing, awareness, body and movement. Special attention is directed at the presence in the environment that is formed within a museum, a gallery, an exhibition.

Dalia Kraid was born in 1953 in moshav Hayogev; she lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Duration: 60 min.

Note: This event is in Hebrew only.
Limited space available.
Advance registration at the Museum website, or on a firstcome first-served basis

The Gallery is carpeted; please bring a yoga mat.

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Photograph: Ido Pedatzur