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Recent Acquisitions

Guy Goldstein, Untitled, 2022
Pencil on paper, eyeglass lenses and wooden framing, 82.2×122 cm

Purchased with the contribution of "Voting for Art" Acquisition Group, 2022
Photo: Tal Nisim

12 Israeli works of art were purchased in 2022 for the museum’s collection by its Voting for Art Acquisition Group.
You are invited to become a member or join one of the museum’s other support tracks, and contribute to its ongoing operations as a leading institution that promotes the country’s community of artists.

Photography and Copyright Services

The Museum allows artists in different fields, advertisers, designers, and publishing houses to order digital photographs from the data base of quality photographs of works in the Museum collection.

We will be happy to accommodate you in all matters that relate to publication of works of art from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art collection.

For further information

Tel. +972-3-6077018

Viewing of items from the collection

The Museum invites scholars, collectors, and students to observe at close hand over 30,000 drawings and prints from its collection, including works on paper, drawings in artist books, illustrated books in a variety of techniques, and so forth. It allows for personal study and research through focused and intimate viewing of works from specific periods or of specific artists.

To arrange a visit and for additional information

Tel. +972-3-6077069, extension 213