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Mor Leedor — The Center Out There / Walking to the Museum / following the exhibition Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body) (Hebrew)

The Center Out There is an urban walking event with earphones. It is named after the concept coined by British anthropologist Victor Turner, who researched rites of passage and pilgrimages; inspired by him, Mor Leedor turns the gaze to the Museum as a pilgrimage site, where the journey becomes a rite in itself. Three groups meet at three meeting points throughout the city, and are led to the Museum in pilgrimage style. As they walk, participants are given earphones in which they hear everything they might ever have wanted to know about pilgrimages in various cultures, in various eras, around the world. Later they all gather at the Museum piazza, and enter, and then...

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Guides: Amit Hadari, Mor Leedor, Moshe Schechter Avshalom Sound design: Sharon Gabay Costume design: SISTERM Audio guide speak ers (by or der of speaking): Prof. Jackie Feldman, Yisca Harani . Prof. Assaf Pinkus, Dr. Salwa Alinat Abed . Dr. Dani Schrire . Prof. Daniella, Talmon-Heller . Dr. Gili Merin, Prof. Ora Limor, Dr. Daphna, Ben-Shaul, Prof. Eran Neuman, Prof. Nurit Stadler, Dr. Liora Sarfati, Prof. Muhammad, Al-Atawneh

Note: This event is in Hebrew only.
Limited space available.
Participants are requested to wear a white shirt and comfortable walking shoes.

Photograph: Amos Holzman